Hoạt động BCP để giao hàng ổn định

Unforeseen events such as sudden heavy rain or earthquakes may happen any day.
At Toyox we aim to provide stable delivery for our customers’ security at all times, through BCP (Business Continuity Plan) measures.

*BCP is an abbreviation for business continuity plan
This is the basic plan for companies when working on business continuity.

Why does Toyox need a BCP…?

Maintaining customer trust

To carry out our product supply responsibilities and continue our reliable and secure dealings with customers, by minimizing damage and speeding up recovery when the worst does happen as well as preventing foreseeable risks.

Safety for employees and their families

To be a business where our employees can work with peace of mind, knowing that our highest priority is their safety and continued employment, as well as the safety of their families.

What kind of accidents and disasters might happen…?

Of all the risks facing Toyox, we have chosen to focus on water damage and earthquakes, viral infection, and computer viruses.

Water damage Earthquakes Viral infection Computer virus infection

Specific approaches to BCP measures

We guarantee stable delivery to your door!



supply chain building

Stable delivery
increased stock

Stock center

BCP measures

Scattered distribution of factories

Within Kurobe CityHeadquarters Plant: 4 factories
Cooperating factories: 2 factories

Outside Toyama PrefectureCooperating factories: 2 factories

Outside JapanASEAN Plant
Affiliation with Italy’s FITT SPA


Headquarters Plant



Plant disaster-proofing

· Rainfall meters installed as an early warning system

· Sandbags installed and regular drills carried out as flooding countermeasures for factories subject to water damage

· Earthquake alarm system introduced for early evacuation

· Safety confirmation system introduced through cell phones

· Flood prevention measures carried out in factories

· Equipment fixing as an earthquake countermeasure

· Regular nighttime disaster drills

· Increased stock to handle supply until recovery

· Raised-floor data servers as a water damage countermeasure

· Data cloud management


Rainfall meters installed as a countermeasure for sudden heavy rain


Anti-tide plates installed to protect stock from water damage


Raised-floor control equipment to handle leakage


Raised-floor receiving voltage transformers to handle blackouts

Cameras can be installed to monitor the downstream near the factory as a countermeasure against water damage, which can be monitored on a smartphone 24/7.

Stock center decentralizing

· Scattered distribution of warehouses and increased stock based on estimated recovery times, looking toward stable delivery


BCP supply chain building

· BCP questionnaire for suppliers

· Product database creation with suppliers

· Geographical risk distribution of suppliers

· Global supply net building