Công ty Toyox hoạt động như thế nào?

TOYOX là nhà sản xuất chuyên về các sản phẩm phát triển cũng như các sản phẩm được sản xuất riêng giúp giải quyết vấn đề tại chỗ với ống mềm và khớp nối cũng như cải thiện hiệu suất bằng cách đạt được các tiêu chí “sản xuất ổn định”, “tiết kiệm năng lượng”, “an toàn thực phẩm”, “cải thiện khả năng làm việc”, v.v.

Point1 Solving problems at worksites

Hose Doctor visitation

TOYOX’s product development is based on Hose Doctor visits, where hose and coupling professionals visit the worksite to help the customers resolve their problems.

We have so far made 16,000 visits in Japan and 9,000 visits in Asia.


See the Hose Doctor Car for yourself!


Performance Comparison Test for checking the differences and effects


Air Leak Diagnosis for calculating energy saving performance


Point2 Product development that responds to on-site feedback

TOYOX keeps working on the development of new products in order to eliminate on-site problems discovered during visitation by Hose Doctors or by our toll-free telephone number, etc.

Combining four original technologies

By combining four original formulation, reinforcement, lamination, and connection technologies, we are always able to respond to new on-site feedback.

Formulation technology

Various materials and additives are blended at original ratios!

Antistatic, chemically resistant,
environmentally friendly , antifungal,
heat and cold resistant, low-odor, and other such mixtures

Reinforcement technology

Various reinforcement structures have been developed
with combinations of materials and structures, etc.

Lamination technology

A multi-layered structure of materials has been developed to realize the required performance!

Connection technology

Reliable connection methods suitable for various materials and applications have been developed!

Point3 For the safety of on-site users

Technical Laboratory (worksite reproduction test facility)

Our technical laboratories, equipped with industry-leading testing equipment, will perform reproduction tests according to the worksite and provide safe products.


We also perform reproduction tests according to customer requirements.
Feel free to consult us first.

*Additional fees may apply. Note that we may not be able to meet your requests.

Compliance with various laws, regulations and international standards

In order to guarantee the safety of the products, we are working to comply with various laws and regulations and international standards including food and pharmaceutical applications.

1. Đạo Luật Vệ Sinh Thực Phẩm MHLW Nhật Bản

2. Ống Đã Đăng Ký với FDA (Cục Quản Lý Thực Phẩm và Dược Phẩm) FDA DMF Loại II Số 25486

3. USP (Dược ĐIỂN HOA Kỳ) Loại VI

4. Các quy định đã chỉnh sửa của RoHS2 (EU: Hạn Chế Các Chất Có Hại)  

5. BPOM (Indonesia: Cơ Quan Kiểm Soát Thực Phẩm và Dược Phẩm Quốc Gia) quy định

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