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Các bộ phận

QDo you separately sell safety caps for safety bands? Can it be attached to the band edge of other companies’ hose bands?

Safety caps for safety bands are not sold separately. In addition, you cannot attach a safety cap to the tip of another manufacturer’s hose band.

In addition, do not use the product once the safety cap has been removed.

Quy định

QAre certificates such as SDS and material certificate provided?

Certificates are made available for download by registering on our website.

In addition to SDS, material certificate, product specifications, Food Sanitation Act and FDA compliance certificate, we also offer catalog downloads and CAD drawing downloads.
Feel free to register.

*Some products may not be listed. In such case, feel free to contact us.

QAre the TOYOX hose bands compatible with RoHS2?

All hose bands are RoHS2 compatible. Certificates are available if necessary.

Necessary survey reports can be downloaded by registering as a member. Feel free to use them as needed.

Thông số kỹ thuật

QWhat is the maximum tightening torque in the safety band specification table? Is there data on the optimal torque when tightening the hose?

The maximum tightening torque in the band specification table is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Exceeding it may cause damage or the band tightening function to deteriorate. There is no proper torque value. There are many hose hardnesses, wall thicknesses and coupling types. Setting up is difficult as it depends on which part of the barb to be attached.

To solve such issues, we offer special couplings for tightening cap nuts called TOYOCONNECTOR that do not require torque management.